Who We are

Heavy Duty Connector is our business!

Around over 15years, we are committed to providing and designing solutions for the power supply of rail transit, aviation aircraft, renewable energy and industrial robots use our heavy duty connectors.From personal products to complete solutions.UMER heavy-duty connector concerned about the reliability and durability of our products, and our diverse range of product portfolios enable companies large and small to use our connectors and technologies to change their work styles and lifestyles. 

What We do

Solution and Design for heavy duty connectors

this is male and femal inserts of 5 pins heavy duty connector
Various Combination

Give you full flexible selections

UMER CONNECTOR manufacture all series parts of heavy duty connectors,includings pins,male and female  inserts,hoods&housings,cable connectors.Can support you from every single parts to whole set.

Why Buy From Umer


Quality Control

Every Prcocess,we have inspection standard nd chek records,ensure the traceabiility of the connectors.

Delivery Time

All the parts are in divided water line,material stock management support Fase Delivey.

Cost Reduction

Every role in the supply chain need profit ,We control if by material,delivery and technology design.

Go For Purchasing

Contact us through any of our methods, whether it’s a business consultant, a point of sale on the website or a purchase.
In addition to verifying whether the selected heavy duty connectors meets the required requirements or features, products must also be selected based on brand, reference and quantity.
After the information is verified, you can choose the payment method.
After the goods are shipped, you will be notified of the shipping instructions of the carrier who will place the order.

Ask For A Quick Quote

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@umerconnector.com”