H32A Size 32A Hoods/Housing

 H32A hoods and housing with Cast aluminium alloy
Multi-lever surface coating.Also with high construction with different size and design for connecting.

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H32A Hoods and Housing

Heavy Duty connector hoods and Housing are also a very important parts of whole sets.

Heavy duty connector Hoods and houisng with Aluminium Alloy shell and with rubber seal to ensure the IP ratings and other  viberation issues .Hoods and Housing are also with the position of  cable gland ,which to connect the cable and with IP68 rating for connecting.

H32A hoods and housing are fit for double 16 pins connector,with 32 pins but with slim body.You can see in the below details for the H32A hoods and housings and drawings.

  • It will have different lock leverage system  both on shape and postion
  • also the different position and side for the cable entry holes.
  • Some special design with high construction with panel surface mounted.

This is H32A hoods

This is H32A housing


• Standard Hoods/housings for industrial applications Double locking lever
.With rating s for IP65  according to IEC 60529
•Material (hood/housing) Aluminium die-cast
Surface (hood/housing) Powder-coated
Colour (hood/housing) RAL 7037 (dust grey)
Material (seal) NBR
Material (locking) Polycarbonate, Stainless steel
Colour (locking) RAL 7037 (dust grey)
Material flammability class acc.
to UL 94 (locking levers) V-0







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