Heavy duty connector Manufacturers in China: A Complete Guide

this is heavy duty connector 24pins

Do you plan to import rectangular industrial connectors or accessories from the Chinese market? In this blog, we describe all the things startups and other small businesses must know about industrial connectors:

  • connector Product Category
  • Find the ideal supplier in chinese market
  • Purchasing owned brand heavy duty connectors
  • Customized design
  • IP class and Industry Standard
  • MOQ and Sample
  • Fairs and exhibitions for heavy duty connectors

connector Product Category

Heavy-duty connector manufacturers tend to focus on their specific areas and niche markets.

Sometimes they may cover one or more categories, but you should look for a supplier who specializes in manufacturing the type of connector you have.

Like Below:

  • PCB connector
  • The optical fiber connector
  • RF coaxial connector
  • Industrial rectangular connectors
  • Automotive connector
  • Aviation connector

Some manufacturers not only manufacture these connectors, they may also make some accessories related to these products such as cable joints, cable ties, or some products related to the upstream and downstream industry chains.

Heavy duty connector supplier list

Customization Options

When you decided to import rectangular power connectors from China, remeber that you can either buy an ODM or OEM product. Keep reading to learn the difference.

ODM Options

At present, most of our customers will buy ODM products. This can be a quick way to release products quickly, because it is based on factory-designed products rather than custom designs. It is equivalent to the product you see in Alibaba or Global Sources. However, there are quality differences between each SKU. Most suppliers provide relatively detailed specification sheets, such as:

  • IP Class:IP65,IP68
  • Rated Volatge: 250V,400V,500V,690V,690V
  • Rated Current: 10A,16A,35A,80A,100A
  • Material of lock: carbon or SUS304
  • Cable Gland: PG or M, plastic or metallic
  • Bulkhead mouting: Bottom or side

Colors and logos are often considered in the scope of ODM

OEM Options

Almost all heavy-duty connector manufacturers on Alibaba and Global Sources can become OEM manufacturers.
They can produce any product according to your design and technical requirements.However, please do not report too much expectation that they will provide product ideas or designs.Many manufacturers do not want to reply to you. If you did not have the following related content when OEM:

  • Case design file
  • Electrical schematic diagram
  • Material list

How to Sourcing on Alibaba and Globalsources

As the largest B2B platform in China or the world, Alibaba.com and Globalsources.com have a large number heavy duty electrical wire connectors suppliers.
We need some methods to select and find suitable suppliers.And there are some ways to identify the most qualified method:

a. Product range: Are they in the category of manufacturers of heavy-duty connectors you need?

b. Certification: Do you have Rosh, Ul, CE or other test reports? (This shows that they can make compatible products).

c. Quality management system: Has it passed ISO 9001 certification?

d. Factory or trader: Are they actually producing heavy-duty connectors, or are they just subcontracting production to another company?

According to these factors, you can select the suppliers you are satisfied with one by one.

IP class and Industry Standard

Rectangular industrial connectors has different industry standards and international standards. When importing, it is necessary to indicate clear requirements and corresponding standards to avoid errors in the completion of the finished product.

Details are as below:

  • DIN IEC60512-3,DIN VDE 0627,DIN VDE 0110,DIN EN 61984
  • UL/CSA Working Volatge
  • UL94 V0 Flammability

MOQ Requirement

Most manufacturers require that their buyers order at least 100 to 200 units per order.

Some suppliers may be willing to offer a slightly lower MOQ (50 pcs), but less than that is very rare,UMER can do even 1 pcs.

Do you want to import heavy-duty connectors from China?

It is difficult to go from design drawings to finished products. To help you manage the entire process-from creating specifications to sampling and quality control-we have created an rectangular power connector product starter kit:

a List of manufacturers
b. Product Specification Template
c. Label samples (US and EU)
d. Tutorials, video walkthroughs and task lists that guide you through the entire process step by step
In addition, you can also book quality checks, laboratory tests and transportation directly from the platform.

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