Heavy Duty Connectors Types

this is heavy duty connector 24pins

Heavy-duty connector is a kind of cable connector, which is mainly used in many fields such as industrial automation, equipment manufacturing, industrial system building, and information and control technology. Therefore, it is called “industrial connector”. The use of heavy-duty connectors not only helps manufacturers save installation time and reduce production costs, but also allows users to enjoy a more effective and convenient use experience.

this is heavy duty connector 16pins

Although the division of connector product types is a bit confusing, from a technical point of view, there are only two basic division methods for connector product categories:

①According to the shape and structure: round and rectangular (cross-section),

②According to the operating frequency: low frequency and high Frequency (with 3MHz as the boundary).

According to the above division, the coaxial connector is circular, and the printed circuit connector is rectangular (historically, the printed circuit connector is indeed separated from the rectangular connector), and the current popular The cross section of the rectangular connector is trapezoidal, which is approximately rectangular. The division of low frequency and high frequency with 3MHz as the boundary is basically the same as the frequency division of radio waves.

This is heavy duty connector 5 pins

As for other types, they can be divided into many different types according to usage, installation method, special structure, special performance, etc., and they often appear in publications and manufacturer’s promotional materials, but generally only to highlight a certain feature and purpose, the basic classification is still Does not exceed the above-mentioned division principle.

Taking into account the technical development and actual situation of the connector, from its versatility and related technical standards, the connector can be divided into the following categories (sub-categories):

① low-frequency circular connector;

② rectangular connector;

③ printed circuit Connector;

④RF connector;

⑤Optical fiber connector.

UMER CONNECTOR are rectangular heavy-duty connectors. The installation methods include surface mounting and opening installation. The connection methods include cold press connection and screw connection. The outlet methods include top entry and side entry. UMER Connector provide full series heavy duty connctor and rectangular industrail connectors.

If have any more FAQ about heavy duty connector feel free to connect.

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