Heavy Duty Connetors On Wind Power System

This heavy duty connector 5 pins

Nowadays,Wind power energy has play an important role in sustainable and renewable energy.As a essential conecting parts,heavy duty rectangular industrial Connectors are used in many systems in Wind power Turbine.


1.Slip Ring System

The wind power slip ring carries the power of the entire system in the wind power system, and its function is to control signal and data transmission. At the same time, the precision, reliability, and working life of wind power slip rings directly affect the performance of the wind power system.It’s usually combined with HK,HEE,HM series heavy duty connectors,with it’s IP65 metal hoousing to resit the harsh environments.

2.Control System

The control system is responsible for important tasks such as wind turbine monitoring, automatic adjustment, achieving maximum wind energy capture, and ensuring good grid compatibility.HDC connectors can ensure that its components are electrically connected in a safe manner, and ensure data communication between components.Control System always with HE,HDD,HM series Heavy Duty Connectors,for compact design and high performance.

3.Convert System

The wind power converter can optimize the operation of the wind power system, improve the efficiency of the wind turbine and the working condition of the transmission chain, reduce the loss of the generator, increase the operating efficiency, and increase the utilization rate of wind energy.HM,HD,HE Series Heavy duty electric connector are idea choice.

4.Lightning System

The lightning system is important to the tower,HQ series heavy duty 5 pins are designed for the lighting systems.

Some other system like Monitor system,Yaw system,And Pitch Control system are also need the conneting of our Heavy Duty Connector for Wind power turbines.

UMER provide all the HE, HEE, HK, HM and other series of heavy-duty connectors, as well as enclosures that can choose IP65, IP68 protection levels, various outlet methods and locking methods, can meet various special and electrical connections need.Connect with us to know more heavy duty connector types.

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