Precautions for the use of heavy rectangular connectors

Heavy Rectangular connectors have a wide range of uses as the core basic components that must be used in circuit systems and communication systems. As a precise connection device, the use environment directly affects the service life and use effect. What are the points to pay attention to when heavy duty connector be used?



The equipment should be used within the specified temperature range; if the temperature exceeds the specified range, the metal coating or insulation layer may be damaged.


As an electronic component, insulation must be maintained. Moisture will greatly reduce the insulation, and even misconduct between contacts may occur. If there is water, the damage is even more serious. The engineer reminded that if it is used in a humid or watery environment, a rectangular connector with a sealing function is required

3.The atmospheric pressure factor of the use environment

If the use environment is under low pressure conditions (such as high altitude, etc.), the dielectric withstand voltage decreases, and electrical breakdown damage of the heavy duty electrical wire connectors may occur.

4. the corrosive factors of the use environment

If it is at sea or in a place that can come into contact with acid and alkaline substances, it will cause corrosion and erosion to the components to a large extent. In this environment, these factors need to be taken as one of the requirements for purchasing products in advance.

UMER heavy duty connector—–professional heavy duty connector manufacturer and designer in china.We advise that After ensuring that the Power rectangular connector is used in compliance with the requirements, the service life and use effect will be greatly extended.Heavy duty connector applications are also need to be considered when maintainance.

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