Industrial rectangular connector connection method

Regarding industrial rectangular connectors, compared with traditional connection equipment, industrial connectors have many advantages, such as stronger, stronger, and more durable industrial connectors in various connection forms?

This is heavy duty connector 16pins femal inserts

Heavy duty industrial connectors connecting method

There are four types of heavy duty industrial connectors: plug-in, cabinet, thread and bayonet.

1.Plug-in connection: Plug-in connection is a multi-purpose connection. The connection and disconnection of the plug and the socket of the connector does not need to be twisted or rotated. Its function is linear motion, so the working space does not have to be too large to complete the connection and disconnection. The plug-in connection has two structures: ball and pin. This connection method does not have a mechanical and labor-saving mechanism, so if you make a mistake, you will feel the mechanical resistance will increase significantly, which can be found in time.

2.Cabinet connection method: This connection method is suitable for electrical connectors on devices that are close to the rack and need to be connected blindly. It can make electrical equipment very light, compact, and easy to maintain. The operator cannot feel the connection in this connection form, so a precise positioning device is needed to avoid incorrectly connecting industrial electronic connectors together. The connection method of the cabinet usually adopts the floating or elastic contact design structure to ensure the correct connection.

This is heavy duty connector 5 pins

3.Threaded connection method: In the working environment with high vibration, it is often used for the connection between some large contact parts or original parts. This type of connection can be installed with a fuse to prevent loosening after the connection is completed. This connection is more stable and reliable, but the uninstallation speed is slower.

4.,: This connector is a reliable and fast connection and disconnection form. Most bayonet connectors have a visual display of the correct connection and locking status, and can be seen directly from the small hole on the side of the connector nut, making installation easier.

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