A quick overview of rectangular connectors

Industry rectangular connector is a connector with a rectangular appearance and a basically rectangular mating surface. It is composed of insert, hoods and housing, grounding sheet, and cable joint. It is an important category in the connector family because of its space utilization Relatively high, so it is widely used in electronic equipment, smart instrumentation, communication equipment and other fields.


The advantage of therectangular industrial connectors is that it is easy to install and use. The rectangular connector has a stackable shell. It does not require manual tightening space or tool tightening space like circular connectors. This can effectively reduce the number of manpower and tools required, and save time and space.

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Locking method

The locking methods of rectangular electrical connectors are straight plug and pull type and thread locking type. The plug and pull type mainly relies on the guiding mechanism of the plug and the socket to realize the connection of the product, and the locking structure is mainly based on the external structure. Ensure that the product is connected in place. Mainly used in the connection between printed boards and the connection between the chassis and the cabinet. The thread locking type uses the guide pin guide sleeve of the guide mechanism of the plug and socket to realize the guiding and locking of the product. It is generally used for the connection between printed boards and between printed boards and cables.

With the development of technology, smart manufacturing puts forward higher requirements for the miniaturization of industrial equipment.Heavy duty male female connector Connector components and customized solutions must achieve performance in a smaller space.

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