IP Rating for Heavy Duty Connector

This image shows the appications of heavy duty connectors in outdoors

what is IP Ratings

IP ratings also called Ingress Protection rating,IP rating is the degree of protection against the intrusion of foreign objects in the enclosure of electrical equipment. The source is the standard IEC 60529 of the International Electrotechnical Commission.

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Heavy Duty Connector IP class

From the first time,the heavy duty connctor are design with high level IP ratings.

The connector’s housing, sealing and locking mechanism protect the connection from external influences such
as mechanical shocks, foreign bodies, humidity, dust, water or other fluids such as cleansing and cooling
agents, oils, etc. The degree of protection the housing offers is explained in the IEC 60 529, DIN EN 60 529,
standards that categorize enclosures according to foreign body and water protection.
The following table shows the different degrees of protection.

Usually there are IP65,IP68,IP69K for heavy duty connctor designs according to different application conditions.You can see in the below charts for all the IP ratings for heavy duty connectors which is presented by harting connectors.

So when choose heavy duty connector for your device,must need to cosider the IP ratings,Normally,for heavy duty connector or rectangular connectors suppliers usually provide IP65,IP68,or IP69K this 3 options to select,which can meet the overall allmost application working devise requirements.

If need to know more about the IP ratings for the heavy duty connector,feel free to connect with UMER CONNECTOR!

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