How to select your heavy duty connector

This is Hot runner systems with heavy duty connector

With its own advantages in design and combination, heavy-duty connectors occupy a very important position in the modern industrial market segment. Modular design, flexible combination, high-level protection level, more and more industries And solution providers choose heavy-duty connected machines to solve complex power and signal transmission problems for them. This makes how to choose the appropriate heavy-duty connector to adapt to the final application has become an urgent let’s make it clear to that how to select heavy duty connector.And before that you can check what is heavy duty connector also in our blog.

this is heavy duty connector

1.First Select the male and femal inserts

Male inserts and femail inserts of the heavy duty connrectors just as the most important parts of the whole body. Male inserts and female inserts mainly determine the electrical performance of heavy-duty connectors, such as voltage and current. When your application requires high voltage, you must choose a high-voltage inserts combination. sometimes High voltage also means high current.Generally, HSB or HK series heavy-duty connectors are generally selected.

In addition, when choosing the male and female inserts , must also pay attention to the material of the pins. Generally speaking, the material of the pins is copper plated with silver. However, if the voltage is less than 5V and 5MA, sometimes gold plated copper is usually used for circular connections.

The Inserts of the heavy-duty connector also directly determines the number of cables and the height of the hoods. If the connector has a lot of pins such as 108pins, 216pins, then you need to have multiple cable entry ports or you need to increase height of the shell to facilitate Cable connection as below design.

This is two holes heavy duty connector 10pins

For the inserts wee need also clarify the terminal types.different inserts have totally different terminal ways. At present, screw terminals and cold crimping terminals are the most commonly used methods, but there are many other termination methods for heavy-duty connectors. For example, spring contacts are faster and safer than the previous two termination methods, and have become a new trend of termination methods. However, different termination methods have their own advantages, and they cannot be considered separately when choosing, and other factors must be fully integrated to make the selection.Belwo is the basic terminal types of heavy duty connctor which is presented by Harting.

This is the terminal type of heavy duty connectors

2.Second select the hoods and housing

After selecting your inserts,the inserts dimension and pin Nos will be help us to decide which hoods&Housing of heavy duty connectors can be used, Generally, Hoods&Housing more reflects the mechanical performance, physical performance and environmental conditions of the heavy-duty connector.

Hoods&Housing usually uses aluminum alloy or zinc alloy material, and the surface will be treated with sandblasting and paint spraying, so that the heavy-duty connector has high strength and anti-corrosion effect. However, sometimes due to the different use environment, plastic hoods&Housing are also adopted, but they are not equipped with metal shells in terms of mildness, anti-corrosion performance and IP rating, and they are usually used in indoor environments.

When choosing the heavy-duty connector Hoods&Housing, pay attention to special requirements such as the number of cable inlets, the height of the housing and the number of lock levers. These details will be explained in the following elements.You also can check the similar articals on

3.Check your Cable lines for heavy duty connector.

After choosing hoods&Housing, we need to consider the elements of the cable connection system. First, we must determine the number of cables. If a conventional single cable is used, it is easy to choose the corresponding hoods&Housing. It is enough to have a cable connection hole . However, if there are multiple cables, additional custom designs are required. For example, several cable connection holes are required, the positions of the holes, and the size of all holes need to be considered. Only in this way can the heavy-duty connector be perfectly connected with the cable to achieve the purpose of the applications.

This is heavy duty connector with multi-holes

4.Selecting the cable connectors

After determining the number of cables and the number of holes, we need to consider the type of cable connector. The cable connector connects the cable to the heavy-duty connector, so that the heavy-duty connector and the cable can be completely sealed directly, so as to achieve waterproofing. Dustproof effect. Generally speaking, the cable joints of heavy-duty connectors mainly have the following forms:

  • Cable Glands
  • Flexible Counduit and Hose Connectors
  • Other Special Connectors

Put the cable in the corrugated pipe and then connect it with the heavy-duty connector. This way the cable is loosely distributed inside the corrugation, and the connection and sealing effect with the heavy-duty connector is realized through the corrugated pipe joint. , This method is often used in harsh working conditions to double-protect the cable.

When choosing a heavy-duty connector connector, the appropriate connector type should also be selected according to different conditions.

This is heavy duty connector with cable connecting

5.Consider the heavy duty connector locking system

Heavy duty connector locking system is also a critical parts of the whole body.The lock system connect the hoods and Housing,also euqiped with the seal gasket to make the heavy duty connector with High Ingress protection. Generally speaking, the design of heavy-duty connector will adopt a single lock form. This form will have a pair of parallel connecting rods on the front or side of the shell of the heavy-duty connector for locking.

If a double-lock design is adopted, There are two pairs of locking systems on the front or side of the heavy-duty connector. The material of the lock is generally hot-dip galvanized iron to improve the overall corrosion resistance. Sometimes stainless steel or plastic parts are used. When used in a high-vibration environment, in order to prevent the lock from falling off, a pulley lock method is generally used to improve the stability of the overall lock system.

this is heavy duty connector locking system

6.Select Protection Ratings

Protection lever is also a key feature of heavy duty connector.And when select heavy duty connector you need to choose the right standard.Normally there are IP and NEMA,IP and NEMA are different standard and have different test items and details.You can check my psot IP Rating for Heavy Duty Connector and also check whatis NEMA to figure out NEMA enclosure types .Normally,heavy duty connector apply IP65,IP68 and IP69k for normal types.

7.Select heavy duty Connector manufacturers

Heavy duty connector have already developed for a lot of years.There are a lot of branded heavy duty connectors manufacturers.Such as

1.Harting heavy duty connector.

2.TE heavy duty connector.

3.weidmuller Rock-star heavy duty connector.

4.ILME heavy duty Connector.

UMER CONNECTOR is one of the top heavy duty connector manufacturer in china.Provide OEM&ODM service,also free sample is available.Quality control,7 days delivery,and cost reductive.Connect and find more about UMER heavy duty connectors.

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