Heavy duty connector applications

Heavy Duty Connectors are widely used in industry areas,we will list some main applications of UMER Heavy duty connectors.

1.Machinery Industry

Mechanical automation, gantry crane, manipulator

Main functions: control system, signal connection, control cabinet, power connection

Heavy Duty Connector features: plug and play, easy to install, high environmental protection, high versatility, can realize electrical and circuit connections at the same time

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2.Auto Industrial

Injection molding machines, CNC, automotive industry, robots, elevators

Main applications: welding robots, intelligent control cabinets, assembly line conveyors, hoists, car body forming systems, transmission beam adjustment systems

Heavy Duty connector features: high security protection, plug and play, convenient and safe maintenance

Related Series:HA,HE,HK,HM

3.Renewable Energy

Wind power

Main application: wind energy slip ring, main control system, pitch system, variable flow system

Industry connector features: high safety protection, complex to adapt to strong and weak current situations, convenient and safe maintenance, modularization, and power signal combination.

Related Series:HE,HK



Main applications: traction system, electrical control cabinet, air conditioning system, carriage connection, lighting system

Heavy Duty connector features: high safety protection, large current, convenient and safe maintenance, highly integrated wiring harness

Related Series:HEE,HK,HM

UMER Connector is one of the best heavy duty connector manufacurer in china,we will help you figure out heavy duty connector and select the best heavy duty connector for your solutions.

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